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WG's partnership is a catalyst for your success. We understand that when fostering the client relationship, effective communication and mission unification are critical. Our service support exceeds expectations by providing:   

  • Seamless integration of available hospital based tools

  • Effective utilization of WG applications

  • Strategic selection of outside applications

  • Invaluable management expertise with proven results

  • Outstanding client support

  • An exceptional ability to scale to client needs 

The elements of our approach foster maximized results as the accounts process through the most efficient resolution pathway of the revenue cycle. WG's proven model, as adapted to each unique provider, will maximize cash, reduce receivable days, and provide other fiscal and public relations benefits for your facility.


Although there are many common themes within the healthcare environment, each facility has their own issues as a result of several factors: patient mix, volume, charge master, staff ability, tools available, payer issues, hospital priorities, etc. A defined strategy to address the hospital's specific needs is essential to success.


WG has developed tools to assist the detailed process of resolving patient accounts. We also leverage all of the existing applications and other tools available to the hospital. This allows us to be consistent with the hospital where appropriate and improve where necessary. 


A true partnership is another key to success. WG ensures that the mission and priorities of our client partners are focused upon. Further, we adapt to all of the processes required by the hospital to maintain consistency as we work the assigned accounts or projects.


Experience and core knowledge of the industry is critical to a successful program. Our years of experience and proven track record provide WG and its clients with definite advantages in resolving patient accounts and obstacles to success. WG knows what will work and what will not yield desired results. 

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