Westerkamp Group LLC is Your Resource

Although established in 2009, Westerkamp Group, LLC (WG), an Accounts Receivable Management company was started with significant intellectual property. WG founder, Tom Westerkamp, has serviced over one hundred engagements valuing over one billion dollars with successful, results-oriented programs during his twenty eight year career in healthcare revenue cycle management.

Specialists trained in healthcare receivables resolution implement our services on  location, off site, and in combination formats. WG believes that in today's environment Accounts Receivable Management and Early Out Services can only be effective when they are provided by resources with extensive experience and a proven record of accomplishments in healthcare receivables operations. 

Over the years, our staff’s combined Accounts Receivable Programs yielded major long-term benefits to clients in the form of:
  • Increased cash flow
  • Reductions in bad debt
  • Stabilized business office operation